Best DJI Mavic Air Deals and Coupons (November 2019)

DJI is at one of the most sought after brands when it comes to drones and they have done a great job as well because none of their products, be it the drones or the accessories, have ever disappointed the consumers.

However, being one of the best-selling drone manufacturers means that you need to be at the forefront of technological advancement and bring in the best features to your products before anyone else. And I think that DJI has been doing that just fine as each of their drones are better than their predecessors. Just take a look at the DJI Mavic Air! It combined the form-factor and the features of the first folding drone, the Mavic Pro and the compact design of the DJI Spark, and gave the world a completely unique and amazing product.

I am sure you are a fan of the drones and you have every intention of purchasing the Mavic Air. I can say that because you are on this page, reading this line at the moment, because you’ve been looking for the best DJI Mavic Air deals.

In this article, I am going to give you the option to buy the folding camera drone at a discount. However, you should note that DJI don’t run year-long deals on their products and there might not be a deal going on the moment you land on this page.

You can either decide to purchase it without a deal, or come back after some time to check if an active deal is available. The decision is completely yours!

If you want to check out the best price available at the moment, or the ongoing deals, you can click on the link mentioned below.

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DJI Mavic Air – Features:

At the first glance, the Mavic Air looks stunning as it stands out from a lot of other drones. It is the perfect example of a drone that doesn’t compromise on either the design or the features.

It was launched after DJI already had their best-selling products in the market, the DJI Mavic Pro which was the first foldable drone as well the DJI Spark which was, despite its small size, was a much powerful drone.

The Mavic Air was supposed to bridge the gap between this two drones and it did so perfectly as it brought the cutting-edge features of the Mavic Pro and the compact design of the Spark in one package.

It is also a pretty good quadcopter pricing-wise because there aren’t many drones under $1000 that can come close to what the Mavic Air can do!

The drone houses a 3-axis mechanical gimbal along with the angular vibration range reduced to 0.005° that help create steadier shots. And it houses a 1/2.3-inch 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and an f/2.8 lens with 35 mm-equivalent focal length of 24 mm to shoot high quality photos and videos.

It is capable of clicking 32MP sphere panoramas by stitching 25 photos together in just 8 seconds, in addition to shooting horizontal, vertical or 180° panoramas. You can also click HDR photos with the drone to obtain the best results.

Plus, it’s capable of shooting incredible 4K footage at 30 fps, recording at 100 Mbps in order to capture each frame in ultra HD quality. And if you are fan of slow-motion videos, then you should know that the DJI Mavic Air also supports 120 fps slow-motion videos at 1080p.

It comes with 8GB internal storage, along with microSD card support, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space when clicking photos or recording videos.

That was all the camera talk, but what about the design? The design and the structure of the drone is one of the best features that people look for when making their purchase; and since it is foldable, it is portable enough to put in your backpack, or even in your pocket, and carry with you wherever you go. Not just the drone, but it’s remote controller is also foldable and doesn’t take up as much space as you’d expect.

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Before you take advantage of the DJI Mavic Air deals, you should know about some of the features that DJI drones are known for:

  • ActiveTrack: With this feature activated, the drone can sense up to 16 subjects, that you can change simultaneously, and the drone will follow the selected subject with high precision. It doesn’t even matter if they are just walking, running or cycling.
  • QuickShots: There are 6 different QuickShots available – Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix, Asteroid, and Boomerang – for you to get that epic selfie photos or videos immediately.
  • SmartCapture: This is an interactive way of controlling your Mavic Air with hand gestures, and taking photos and videos as you like.
  • TapFly: With the TapFly feature activated through the DJI GO 4 app, you can focus on just your shot by tapping the area on your mobile screen and the drone will fly towards it.

Apart from all these features, what makes the drone one of the best camera drones in the market right now is it Flight Autonomy!

It is built with powerful sensing system – downward dual-vision sensors, downward infrared sensing system, IMU redundancies and a group of computing cores – that collect data together for precise hovering and better flight performance. Moreover the Advanced Pilot Assistance System allows the drone to bypass any obstacle that appears in its way.

Other features that you should know about the drone is that it has a maximum flight time of 21 minutes and maximum speed of 68.4 kmph, which may differ based on the weather conditions.

What About the DJI Mavic Air Deals?

After reading about the features of the drone, I am sure that you are now more interested in purchasing it than you were before, and I wouldn’t want to waste more of your time by just adding more content that would otherwise be completely useless.

You can click on the link mentioned below to go to the product’s page on and find out the best price of the product, or take advantage of the current deals.

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I am sure that you will be able to purchase the drone at a discount. But if you are unable to get a discount because there’s no deal live at the moment, then just come back after some time to check if there is a deal going on or not.

I hope that you liked the article, and if you did, then make sure to share it with your friends and let them know about the awesome DJI Mavic Air deals that they could use!

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