Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Earphones for a True Wireless Experience

Wireless earphones have been around for years now, but they weren’t truly wireless as it came with a contraption that rested around your shoulders and wires came out of that. However, it all changed some time back when Apple released the AirPods, the first truly wireless earphones and a lot of other companies followed.

Although most of these earphones are really expensive, there are cheaper alternatives available as well. The Xiaomi’s Redmi AirDots are one such cheap, yet really amazing alternative if you are looking for a wireless music experience.

With a stunning design, powerful features like noise reduction and stable transmission, and being lightweight and comfortable to wear makes the AirDots a product that is totally worth having!

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Xiaomi Redmi AirDots – Features

Battery Life

When buying wireless earphones, the first thing that you look for is the battery life. Of course the other features and the design is equally important, but it’s the battery life that will decide just how long you can keep using them.

Like most of the Bluetooth earbuds, the AirDots also has a pretty impressive battery life of 4 hours. And it comes with a charging case that is capable of charging the earphones for almost 3 times. That gives you more than 12 hours of playback lifespan with the AirDots earbuds!

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots wireless earphones

Design & Hardware

Xiaomi has made a name for itself by bringing products that are not just cheap but also feature a really sleek design. Pick up any of their products and you will have no qualms about the design, and the same thing is true for the Redmi AirDots as well.

The design of the earbuds might be generic, because there’s not really a lot of room to come up with improvements, but the overall aesthetic gives a kind of a minimal feel to the product.

Moreover, each of the earbuds are quite small and light, smaller than you’d expect, but it helps a lot with the comfort and how good they feel once they are in your ears. It also comes with two different sizes of ear tips allowing you to choose one based on your preferences.

You should also note that the earbuds are made of plastic, which is why they are so lightweight and they are splashproof as well allowing you to wear it to the gym regularly and not worry about damaging them with your sweat.

Sound Quality & Controls

You may expect the quality of the sound to take a dive because of the price of the product, but that’s not really the case. Although you can’t consider it as being able to deliver the best sound quality, it still manages to be really good.

With 7.2mm drivers, the Redmi AirDots are capable of producing decent levels of sound when you consider the compact form factor it comes in.

Also, many reviewers have noted that the earbuds can deliver really high volumes, so take a note of that and make sure you listen to your favorite music at a comfortable volume level.

Coming to the controls, it’s not really something to be proud of. There’s a clicky button on either side of the ear bud and one click will pause anything that’s currently playing, while a double click will activate Google Assistant on Android phone and Siri on iOS devices.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots earbuds


The pricing is the reason why the product is so popular because users all over the world get to listen to their favorite music without breaking the bank on a wireless headphone.

Xiaomi’s Redmi AirDots comes with an affordable price tag of $30, with fluctuations on a few dollars here and there, and produce sound that is much better than other earphones at the same price and even some mid-level earphones.

Where to Buy the Redmi AirDots?

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